How to control pests in your home

Unrest created by pests:

There are always some uninvited creatures present in the house. They can cause too much unrest in your house even if they are too small. These uninvited guests are called pests. Pests are the tiny living creatures which enter our house and creates a problem for us in many ways. That problem can be in the form of the disturbance created in your bed by the bed bugs or the food poisoning done by the cockroaches.

What are the bad effects of the pests?

There are many bad effects of the pests. They range from slight disturbances and unrest to spreading many diseases and allergies. There are many types of pests and each of them creates different problems. Like cockroaches are known for spreading some diseases, allergies, as well as they, carry many germs and bacteria and they may leave them on the exposed food. Another pest of quite bigger size is the raccoon. It creates pollution problems in the lawn. Flies create a lot of disturbance in the house. Rats carry different types of infections with them and they must be exterminated. Rats also eat away the clothes and make empty patches in them hence ruining your whole suit or fabric.

Ways to control pests:

There are many ways to control pests. As it rightly said that, “prevention is always better than cure”. So the pests must be prevented using different ways. The ways to prevent the pests are:

1: Cover the food items and other stuff on the kitchen table:

Pests like rats, roaches, flies, and bugs are always attracted by the aroma of food products and other raw food products like flour, chickpeas, vegetables, and fruits etc. They must not be present on the kitchen table. Either they should be placed inside the refrigerator or freezer to avoid their exposure to the bugs. In this way, the pests are not attracted.

2: Close the little holes in the wall or the floor:

Roaches and other small bugs don’t need bigger holes to enter the house. They can easily infiltrate through a tiny hole in the floor or wall. Hence, these holes must be closed and there should be no opening left even under the doors. You should either build a small trail of bricks under the door to close the small opening under them or use long doors.

3: Don’t let the clean water stand anywhere:

Mosquitoes that carry dengue fever need clear water to lay their eggs and to nourish their larva. Hence, the clean water must not be let stand anywhere in the garden or in the old tires in the garage. Always use the optimum amount of water in the garden which can be absorbed by the mud.

4: Clean the cluttered places:

Cluttered places where the old magazines or papers are stacked provide a comfortable place to the pests to hide. So you should clear the cluttered spaces in the house.

5: Using pesticides:

Although, you may have done everything to make your house pest proof but still there are some ways for the pests to get inside so for the final death blow, hire a professional pest exterminator to spray the pesticides in your house.